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"Thank God for this site"

Thank God for this site, for helping me find my boyfriend last year on June. We will get married on April. Thanks again ChristianCupid. I wanted to meet a Christian, so I joined ChristianCupid. Yes, thank God so much for your website helping many people and has helped me too. God bless.

Amanda & Michael

"Thanks to the site, it was an instrument from God. "

In april 22th 2008 I've found my lover. Actually, he found me. He chated with me and I fall in love. After 8 months, he visited me, after 15 days, he proposed to me!

In december 2010 we will marry. Everything is just like how God planned. He is the owner of our hearts and lives. We thank Him to continue being our protector.

Thanks to the site, it was an instrument from God.

God bless every one!

Michael & Amanda

Janesh & Grant

"thank you so much for this site ChristianCupid"

Hi! I thank the LORD for using this site as an instrument to find the love of my life. I met my fiancee here, since last September 2008 until present. He is really a blessing for me from above. And we both in love with each other from the start until now. He always came to visit me in Hong Kong and even now after I finish my contract in Hong Kong, now that I am here in Philippines. He went here last February to met my family and we both decided to get marry if GOD'S WILL by August of this year. We always keep on praying, for we know that GOD lead our path to be together in his right time. So, thank you so much for this site ChristianCupid. MAY THE LORD BLESS THIS SITE MORE AND MORE!!!AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL FOR THIS SITE!!! GOD BLESS!!!


Dinah Joy

"This site is the instrument used by God for the answer of our Prayers "

Have you been praying specifically for your lifetime partner? If not yet, then much better to start praying now. This site is the instrument used by God for the answer of our Prayers (my fiancee and I). My Fiancee saw my profile here and since then, it started. Consistent calling over the phone, sharing ideas but most of all God was and is the center of our conversation. He visited me last May 2-7, 2009 and we had so much fun and enjoyed each others company even for that very short time. As of this time, we just lay all plans in God's Mighty Hands. Tell you more later.... continue to pray for your future mate. Remember, TRUE LOVE WAITS AND TRUE LOVE WEDS:-)


"Thank you ChristianCupid!"

Thank you ChristianCupid! Keep helping people to find their true love, because it's out there within reach.... God will provide if the time is right and if you have been faithful waiting for THE ONE. We love God but He loves us more, we are asking Him to give us things and He sure does, just everything has its time and place. Keep positive, believe and Trust the Lord!!!

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