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35 Tubigon, Bohol, Philippines
Seeking: Male 40 - 99
Religion: Christian - Catholic
Good day everyone ,. My name is Tisay that's my nick name , 34 years of age , single an never been married , I live in Bohol a very beautiful province in the Philippines , I'm simple both inside an out an have a good heart , I have a simple personality that you can like an love , I love nature an beach ,I love to travel , an explore the beauty of nature , I love hiking an fishing , Love adventure , I'm the eldest of Mt family , but I don't live my family since I am 18 years old ,I am independent ,I live with my own , I graduated for 4 years course major of cooking or hotel an restaurant management ,so I can cook yummy an delicious foods , i.love in the kitchen most of my time , an in my flowers at my home, I'm a home buddy I love to stay at home , I don't do cigarettes or get drunk , I'm hard working , an I am full of passion I'm romantic an passionate , love kissing an romance , I been single for 7 years since my one ex past relationship not working cause he is cheating on me while I was working in Saudia Arabia, but I do believe life is always must goes on no matter what happen that's my late father teach me to be strong cause there is reason why it happen , I want to have my own family , I am ready now I'm 34 years old , I'm ready to have my own family that I want to treasure every moment of my life I want a man a husband that I will make him happy no matter what happen never cheating on him or.played with him , I love to be love that's me , I want to be like my late father that he truly love his family., An never surrender no matter life happen , I don't look for perfect relationship , there is no perfect relationship in this world , we are all human we have mistake but not cheating or do bad things , just be honest an true . Cause relationship will work if a couple are both true an honest to their relationship an that's what I want , love is precious an kind , I promise my self if I found my true man I will.never leave him no matter what happen , I am a type of person that have dignity an I will fight my love to a man that I want to spend time forever , Age is not important for me , cause it's just a number an when I am in love it means for me I will.accept him even he is older than me cause love is not about age it's a true feelings , I don't care what people say what I care is I love him ,that's me , hopefully I can find a relationship that last forever , an not playing games a kind an strong relationship to a man that ready to have me , ready to fall in love with me ready to start a true relationship an ready to be happy an cherish , I know it will come an I can't wait to have a happy relationship that is not money is important , love care an kind is important , feel.free to know me , you can find who I am an what I am , know.me first an you will see what's love I have for my right man , come.with me an know me an you will be very happy 😊
39 Duero, Bohol, Philippines
Seeking: Male 32 - 53
Religion: Christian - Catholic
I am a woman with a good heart whose looking for someone matured enough to handle things and accept me, understands me... Then we’ll see what life has to offer ahead after. I am Madel from Philippines. A single mother of two boys. A family oriented woman who’s looking for my soon to be partner. My heart is so big for love and I need to share it to someone who deserved. And that’s why I am trying my chance here in this site. I wouldn’t waste my time searching here if I just want to have fun and play games with. I am here looking for a serious relationship to someone who has the same passion, plans and dreams like mine. Looking forward to meet *YOU* soon... I’m a nerd at heart. I can’t help it, I was born this way. I like watching Korean dramas (for now in my single life, romantic dramas are my way of feeling loved and excited in a way I don't understand ☺), romantic/fairytale movies and just hanging around the house. Loves cooking, baking, trying new recipes and sometimes making my own recipe 😏. Making stuff, creating something from scratch. You’ll have to be the one to pull us out of the house if you want to go/do something. I’m not the most social kind. I am mostly a homebuddy person. We are young and this youth isn’t going to last forever. I want to build something that is going to last into our old age. To be able to invest emotions into a relationship that is going to be forever young. Life isn’t about the drama and the games. Too many times men are only interested in women who won’t give them the time of day. Just know that if you’re my man, then you are my day and you are the light of my life. I’m not here to prove my love for you and to fight to let you know how much I care. Just give it a time… time to see how we handle the hardships that we might go through. They say that when we die, our lives flash before our eyes. I don’t know about you, but when I die, and I close my eyes, I want nothing other than moments with my loving partner and kids flashing before my eyes. No love is as deep as love can be. If there was such a thing as complete love, then you wouldn't be able to fall deeper in love as the years go by. You find someone that you love and you can see that you're going to keep growing in love with, and you go with it. Try asking any couple that has been married for 10+ years if they love their partner more now than when they got married and they will tell you YES....Because love grows. You will both change over the years... true love knows the changes are coming and knows it won't be easy. Life isn't about the easy path it is about the hard ones and the rough choices that are made of. There are very few right or wrong choices in this life. You make a choice... and then through your actions, you make sure it is the right one. Even the right choice without being acted on in the right way is the wrong choice. It is our actions that define our choices. Love isn’t just about the happy-happy, jump-jump, kissing moments. It’s also about the hard times that bind you two together. The times where you don’t feel like you can be loved and the other person just pulls you in and tells you that you are enough just by how tight they hug each other. It’s about setting aside our pride and doing what is best for the other person through this life. It isn’t about sacrifice, because to sacrifice something is to give something of greater value for something of lesser value, and if you’re giving up something for love then you didn’t “sacrifice” you invested in something of greater value. Do you agree? Coz' for me... "THE REAL MAN DON'T LOVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD BUT WOULD FOREVER LOVE THE WOMAN WHO CAN MAKE THEIR WORLD...!!!



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