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33 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 38 - 60
Religion: Christian - Catholic
Something about myself. Nice to meet you Hi there! My name is Lyn, and I'm a 32-year-old single mom from the Philippines, currently working as a caregiver in Taiwan for the past year and a half. I'm also pursuing a bachelor's degree in elementary education. In my family, I have four sisters and one brother, and I'm the fourth in line. I've been through an 11-year relationship that ended three years ago, and it has made me strong but also vulnerable. I'm hesitant to entertain many private messages because I'm afraid of getting hurt again. However, I'm still looking for a genuine connection and friendship, with the possibility of leveling up in a relationship in the future. Trust is something that doesn't come easily for me, but once earned, I'm a friendly and humorous person. I love sharing ideas and being a supportive person for those who need it. I'm always there to lend a listening ear or a comforting shoulder. When it comes to my lifestyle, I'm not much of a party person. I prefer staying at home, watching TV, or having a fun Videoke session. I don't smoke or drink, and I adore spending time outdoors, whether it's by the beach or immersing myself in the beauty of a garden. Cooking is one of my passions, and I'm quite artistic. I love decorating my own room with DIY creations. Music is a big part of my life, and while I enjoy various genres, country music holds a special place in my heart. It fills me with good vibes and helps me relax. While I used to be a fan of horror movies, I've recently found myself drawn to documentaries. However, I'm open to watching different kinds of movies because my flexibility is one of my strengths. Honesty is extremely important to me, and if I discover someone has lied to me, it's difficult for me to regain trust. I believe that building a happy bond and connection requires openness and sincerity. Long-distance relationships don't phase me, as I believe that online connections can still thrive with loyalty and commitment. I may not fit society's standards of sexy, but I'm confident in who I am. After enjoying three years of being alone and independent, I'm ready to share my journey with someone special and hopefully find a best friend along the way. I look forward to getting to know you and creating a meaningful connection. About my inner me : I described myself as easygoing, curious, intelligent, creative, selfless, caring and nurturing and understanding, a high level of support and love, fair and honest, rapid and complex thinker, enthusiasm, overly sensitive but highly intuitive, forgetful but thoughtful, very compassionate, articulate, generous, unique, strong thirst for knowledge, people focus and stubborn. I am very loyal and loyal to the people I love and value. Very considerate and kind in making decisions. I am not proud but I don't do meekness. I am passionate, unpredictable, assertive. I will call myself an introvert because I prefer my company and movies to the company of loud people. I am attracted to smart people. I also insist on mutual respect. I think of people as humans first before their gender,religion or race. I am certainly not charming when I am pissed and I am not enduringly patient as woman are asked to be here. With the acceptable standard here, I am definitely an Enigma. In a more developed world, I might just be one of the many.
45 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 40 - 59
Religion: Christian - Catholic
26 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 27 - 49
Religion: Christian - Catholic
34 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 38 - 72
Religion: Christian - Catholic
25 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 26 - 47
Religion: Christian - Catholic
35 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 45 - 68
Religion: Christian - Catholic
40 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 38 - 70
Religion: Christian - Catholic
31 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
Religion: Christian - Catholic
66 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 50 - 64
Religion: Christian - Catholic
35 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 34 - 53
Religion: Christian - Catholic
44 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Female 27 - 46
Religion: Christian - Catholic
30 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 33 - 50
Religion: Christian - Catholic
63 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 54 - 67
Religion: Christian - Catholic
22 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 23 - 40
Religion: Christian - Catholic
32 Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Male 29 - 50
Religion: Christian - Catholic