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56 Macon, Georgia, United States
Seeking: Female 38 - 60
Religion: Christian - Pentecostal
68 Mansfield, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 55 - 67
Religion: Christian - Pentecostal
Hello there! I am Army retired ( 31 yrs ) started out from Ft.Carson, Colorado and ended up in Ohio, as a Steelworker ( 14 yrs ) and have enjoyed living life and going to church since 1977. I'm adventurous and spontaneous and I have been since I was young because the mountains of Colorado gets to me. Love the mountains, skiing and the summer beaches....where ever in Ohio. I really believe in chivalry and respect for a woman. I am old school and have that tatoo'd on my right forearm. I like to take my time with my woman ....A life partner, IF she ever comes around? I believe I should let her experience the good in the best pleasures in life being around me because life is meant to enjoy especially since I will be with that one...woman! I like getting in the vehicle and take off with no particular destination in mind. I am a good listener, compassionate, empathic, sympathetic and avoid NEGATIVE talk and NEGATIVE interaction! I don't like drama and will walk away from it!! I don't mind having a cold beer or glass of wine once in a while on occasion. I would like to have a one and only woman... a companion and more, IF you what I mean and if you will be interested and intimately involved with me ! Are you between 55 and 67, then I am here for you, ready ..willing ..and able to be all I can be for you...virtuous woman!! Want to be a my friend FIRST for sure with you and let's make everything we say and do count and then play and have fun with..... little old ME? I am a athletic guy, fit 68 yr old guy! In the past, ( 1980s before entering the military... ) I have participated in Martial Arts...Tae Kwon Do and want to get back into it. So if you want to know me, I am Jose, but my friends call me Jesse! Hello to MY missing RIB.... LOL!
34 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Male 25 - 40
Religion: Christian - Pentecostal
First i have that experience with my Creator, the one whose LOVE IS UNDENIABLY UNCONDITIONAL. Now i seek a Man to share a LOVE and life like none other. There is a major difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. Being in love is rooted in deep commitment to each other, what we are and everything we will become. It's Praying Together, It's being alone in the house together for a weekend and not getting bored; it's rubbing ketchup on your face just because it looks funny; it's dancing in the rain and enjoying that we are wet; its waking up to a real "good morning"...the kind that is actually meant as a good wish and from the heart; it's making pancakes together and spilling more batter on the floor and each other than in the bowl; it's taking a bubble bath and looking forward to the candlelight massage I'm going to get afterwards; it's drinking Champagne and dancing in the living room like we were in a club having just as much fun; it's walking along the beach on a summer afternoon; it's being excited about a kiss first thing in the morning as any other time of day; it's coming home from work as fast as you can to get home to me or me to you; it's me behind the cooker, and you coming inside the kitchen every 30 seconds pretending you need something just so you can kiss me; it's falling asleep with your arms around me and waking up with your arms still around me; it's saying "I love you" and meaning it so much my eyes water; it's spending the day at the beach making sand castles and the night drinking wine and sharing our dreams; it's "making love" every time we have sex; it's shedding a tear on the way to work because I'm home sick and you can't stay and take care of me; it's making a snowman and drinking hot chocolate and taking a warm shower; it's looking forward to waking up to you, it´s so much in the little details of our daily lives, and it's walking through the mall hand in hand when we are 80 years old. True love, this is the love that i seek!!! Let me be Your Princess ;-) I will forever devote myself in entirety if I meet the man who is courageous enough to commit. Like they say, Beauty catches the Eyes! Personality catches the Heart!! Is there Some More??? Oops, i have made this a rather long write-up because i haven´t had the time to make it shorter :-) read on! I am ME and only until YOU DARE to know Me, You will not be able to Appreciate the Beauty and Uniqueness of Another Being. I am not going to blow an empty trumpet but truth is, if you will have the privilege of getting to know me, you will be the testament to WHO I AM! Meanwhile, read in parts, here first. LOL SHE is a beautiful and passionate soul with a warm personality, great sense of humor, very romantic, deeply loving, outgoing, kind, compassionate, communicator, adventurous, spontaneous, and very Responsible !! SHE is the ´eyecatcher in the crowd´, Her smiles bring the sparks in your eyes, warms your heart and awakens your soul. She loves Life and with each New Dawn, are opportunities to Live, to Give and to Love. Pets, Travelling, Beach, Cooking, Music, Photography, Nature, People, Cultures, Volunteering, even the little things around ... are part of what makes the ´TRIP´ worthwhile. Yet, with all of that and even more, there is still a Vacuum that only that ´ONE Special Person´ can fill. And she is on a Mission to find the missing puzzle. Who can fill this vacuum? Who is her Soulmate?? Where are You??? I know what I want from life and I am NOT afraid to Go for It, Get It and Keep It. I do not necessarily follow conventions because conventions are like laid down rules, and laid down rules can be deterrent to progress, more often, RULES ARE BORING! I have a strong Positive attitude to life and often times, no matter what situation it may be, i tend to achieve success in my efforts, except otherwise i don´t give anything a try. I Dare to Break the Rules if I have to ... !! Truth is, breaking some rules are quite fun with no consequences. In FIVE letters, it can be summarily said I AM a B-eautiful, I-ntelligent. T-olerant, C-ongenial, H-umane - BITCH {redefined} I am a Princess Searching for her Prince. Everybody has the opportunity(ies) to achieve what they desire. Let us open our world to the Beauties that surround us - like Friendship, Love and Commitment!!! I believe we can never truly appreciate the unique personality of another until we take a chance and reach out ... And it can start right here, right in the moment one takes the first step with a sense of optimism to reach out - through what we have now - Communication. Moreso, It is the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it is the little differences that make them interesting. The heart has reasons that reason does not understand. Better let my heart be without words, than my words without heart. Can we be like two volumes of one book? I love to take that chance ... Let us Ride Together ... It is Worth your Plan for Life and your Reason for Living !!! Together WE can make the trip worthwhile... Remember ... "Years from now, We won´t regret the things we did, we will have more regrets for the things we had the opportunity to do but didn´t..." I AM NOT PERFECT! I AM REAL!! MY GREATEST WEAKNESS IS MY LOYALTY!!!