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68 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 65
Religion: Christian - Protestant
My name is James. I am a Christian. I'm not a prude or bible thumper; I live life to it's fullest every day! I strive to live an honest, clean, and respectful life. I respect women; my Mom always taught me how to be a gentleman. I am a very accomplished man. I was a military pilot and then a government contractor. I still am a pilot in the civilian world and hold all FAA Flight Certifications in Helicopters and Fixed Wing aircraft. I jump out of aircraft; I scuba dive; I race Corvettes; I'm somewhat of a daredevil and VERY romantic.... And now I have my own business where I work from home. I love to travel, cook, garden, flowers, read, watch documentaries, stay in very good shape by walking and swimming. I'm very romantic. I look for friendship first. Honesty, integrity, expectations, communications, language understanding, respect, social behavior, etc. all should be understood as friends first. Becoming friends first opens the door to a more serious future. I have five children from first marriage; all gone from the nest and on their own. I'm looking for a Christian, honest, truthful, clean, happy, cheerful, optimistic, likes to travel, good conversation, gardening, flowers, likes the sea, likes sports cars, ready to settle down and grow older together. To go on walks, swimming, barbecue, dining out, and flying. I like to experience all life has to offer. Just be trustworthy, and I will love you like no other man can. Good day to you and I pray you meet a nice man and be happy. Sincerely, James
52 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 27
Religion: Christian - Protestant
Looking for friendship... Possibly more. 😊 (Verified photos are appreciated. Not looking for a sugar daddy relationship.) I am a Christian, a naturally slim person who is also athletic because I love to work out, a Stanford graduate who studied chemical engineering and went into finance, and a musician who plays bass by ear or by reading music and comes from a musical family. I have a great sense of humor (and apparently plenty of confidence, too 😂) and am an unusually nice person as so many are always telling me. I am also a communicator and so any relationship we might have should hopefully feel refreshingly open and honest. My first date idea: I really like to do new things, things neither of us have ever done before -- challenging things, even adventures. However 😂, this is probably not the best idea for our first date. My first date idea would be just getting to know each other better by spending uninterrupted time together. The beach, poolside, a quiet place to eat are all possibilities. This place must be safe and public because, butterflies yes, fear no. After we have had some time to talk, then I really can't resist wanting to go out and do something. I love the change in pace, and so something physical like dancing, working out together, a serious jam session if you are a musician like me and we can find a place to perform together would all, well, probably make me like you a lot. I have a very easy, and I think good sense of humor and so tell me what you might consider to be a crazy but legal idea and we'll go out and do it! Political views: Other (libertarian Republican) Recreational drug use: Never Have pets: No, but I love animals Details about my job: I am a successful trader with my own business and work from home.
73 Antioch, California, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 41
Religion: Christian - Protestant
Personal Sketch I am divorced for seven years ago after separation of eleven years ago I have three adults kids, two girls, Krystel, 35 and Melissa 29. Both single but have boyfriends for last nine years each. Ryan is my living son, 31. Single he and Melissa live with me near San Francisco. I am Christian thinker and expert in comparative religions. I also work internationally as an Engineering Construction Manager. I do not smoke but like adult beverages haha. L I lost my first son to SIDS, and then my ex wife had an extended affair corrupting the marriage. I forgave her and she and I stayed married for along time. I worked in the US for twenty four years before going to Iraq and Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other places to work. I am vaccinated from Covid. I am tired of being single and now came to Columbia looking for a woman here, a Latina to fall in love with, to have as a girl friend. If we both later in want marriage, yes, I will marry her. I am willing to live here in Columbia and not take my girl friend away from her family. We can go to the USA frequently to visit my kids t bough and if my girls get married and have children, to see my grand children of course. I am a conservative who voted for Donal Trump. I have worked in the last for the US Defence Department and the Israeli's. I am a big guy, 6'2" and weigh about 275 lbs. I am a former weight lifter, martial artist.. I have a loud voice which can be annoying. I have sleep apnea as I need a CPAC decide when I sleep as I apparently hold my breath a lot when I sleep. I am very young hearted although physically am 71. I do not look or act my age. I prefer and only date younger woman. I have not cut my hair since covid started in 2020. If she wants maybe I will trim it lol. I am fun, have a beautiful mind. I study all the time I like cosmology, philosophy, physics. I have and read a lot and have studied many subjects. I am outspoken regarding my faith. I have been to 76 countries and have worked in a few of them and have taught in many of them about Jesus Christ. I am a Protestant although I would call myself a Biblicist, meaning I verify my belief paradigm by what Gods revelation in His word says. I call out those who attack the Bible, attack sound doctrine in the Bible. I am what is called, a Defender of the Faith. I am complex but also very down to earth. * Personal meeting? In the US we meet for coffee or a beer to get to know each other, talking here is not real, looking into my eyes when I talk to you is. If you want to knkw me, meet me for an innocent cup of coffee in a public place where you feel safe and secure. If not, we cannot really get to know each other. More... I am divorced six years and miss being in love and miss the intimacy two people in love share with each other. I am ready to settle down and give my life to her if I find her. I am planning on living here when I find her She was born here in San Francisco with Nicaraguan father and Salvadorian/German mother. She moved to Central America as her father was the vice predient of Bank of America and lived in many counries there until she returbed her to college. We met after she finished. * Sex or Making Love I don't believe in having sex lol... Sex is what you have when there is no love and afterwards,the girl feels guilty and she feels she was just used because of her body. MAKING LOVE is when two people are deeply in love and they are becoming one physically because they are already one in their hearts and minds. It brings great joy. That is the difference between sex and making love. One is exploiting a woman, the other is loving a woman in sincerity. I would not influence you to have s*x with me before we were in love. I would rather wait. Does that bother you?



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