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59 Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 52 - 67
Religion: Christian - Protestant
I come from a family with a spiritual background! Christians. Government civil servants, who are engaged in price management, and who conduct regulatory and supervisory inspections of all trades involving prices and fees. I really enjoyed my job, it gave me too much industry knowledge... grew up in Shanghai. Beautiful, sunny, stylish, honest, Gentle, sweet, kind, confident. Love life, love art, love learning, love family, Love kids, love nature, love wood stone plants, love the pristine, environmental protection, love the outdoors, love sports, love reading and learning, The thirst for knowledge never stops. Healthy sunlight is a compulsory lesson in my life. Chinese traditional Chinese medicine knowledge has enabled me to maintain a healthy girl's body. Having the ability to eat without fat, I am about 10 years younger than usual, I am far from the hospital beauty salon chemistry... the original is my constant pursuit. I went to the United States, England, Italy, Sicily, Malta, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. Visit their museum church. Come here to meet a man worthy of my love and love, my soul mate, only to marry love, you can come to my country, I can also go to your country, and you can attract me only your personal qualities. I have a son who is a good-hearted and self-reliant student from abroad. He has his own career, loves sports and love the history of humanity. Napoleon is his idol. Arsenal football fans. I love a lot, and I want to accompany my lover with the cabaret, singing, dancing, and hands forever
49 Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 47 - 62
Religion: Christian - Protestant
36 Central, Nairobi, Kenya
Seeking: Male 40 - 65
Religion: Christian - Protestant
I am Olivia, 35 years old from Nairobi Kenya....I am a born-again Christian, I live by God's example...I am celibate/ I practice celibacy, meaning I chose to keep of sex/ making love until marriage; I chose to keep myself for the right man and when the time comes which is on our wedding night we get to consummate our love...I believe in true love, a selfless, giving, sacrifice kind of love which is pure and does not inflict pain on each other... I am a happy person, very bubbly and welcoming, and love to laugh as laughter is medicine to the soul.... I don't have much of this just a few things that make me happy which include: cooking, watching movies- all except horror am easily spooked, and listening to music now it's a lot of gospel music to encourage my soul... I love shopping, volunteering, spending time with my family..... I'd wish to take up traveling but I left it as something to do with my significant other, I'd also love to take up swimming if only I can get out of my fear of being engulfed with too much water....it's a long list of what I'd love to take up for sure My love language which takes the biggest percentage is quality time- I cherish time spent with my partner more than anything... my personality- I am an introvert...my temperaments- I am 65% melancholic and 35% choleric What type of a lover am I? Well, my biggest weakness is when I love, I love hard...I give my partner the best of me...I believe in a reciprocal type of relationship whereby it's not one party that gives but both play a part in giving and receiving (hope am making sense) ...I love to take care of my man and give him the respect he deserves...I am into normal relationships and not into submissive/dominant/ whatever thing people are involved in here_ no offense to anyone... What type of person am I? Well, I am honest, respectful, sympathetic, hardworking, and loyal, I say what's in my mind no sugarcoating anything, I know what I want and I am not afraid of going for it... when I am bored, you'll know... I am very jovial I enjoy good laughter like I said earlier......... I dislike liars, lazy people, and people who don't like taking chances or are too comfortable with where they are... I want people to want more in life coz there's more to be gotten out of this life. Well, basically in a nutshell all I have said up there: 1. I am celibate; I practice celibacy (saving myself for marriage; meaning am not having sex until marriage) 2. I am not going to help you in any way masturbate or send you nudes; it's just not my thing at all 3. I am very much intentional in the relationship I enter into, that is, I know what I want and am not going to beat around the bush 4. I am very sexual meaning: Yes, I can talk about sex and yes, I get horny [am very human] but I draw a line on what I can do or not do...I practice self-control... P/S: I am made to understand the fact that I have big breasts calls for men to disrespect me sexually to which I am very disgusted and I will not condone such uncouth behavior from anyone. I don't disrespect anyone so it will be in order if you accord me the same. These immature men all I can say is GROW UP!!! DO NOT MESSAGE ME TO ASK ME STUPID QUESTIONS AND KINDLY KEEP YOUR LIBIDOS IN CHECK, THANK YOU...Enough of the venting...as you were
31 Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador
Seeking: Male 48 - 55
Religion: Christian - Protestant
I hope you are very well..!!! Firstly, I want you to be very comfortable at this moment, it is possible that in your country it is afternoon, morning, night or early morning, in any case receive a greeting from me and imagine it in your language! Without much ado...I am on the site trying to meet a good gentleman, gentlemen, I repeat again and spell GENTLEMAN, he who knows what the meaning of this word is will understand it and surely he who is one will know that my message is addressed to him, yes, this is a real profile not fake (I clarify) yes, I know that you are not an atm, I am not a porn actress either, therefore let us give each other due respect, I am not selling something for you to ask me for my number immediately, because I don't collect contacts, I prefer to know a little more about you, your tastes, hobbies and even what you dislike in order to have an idea if we are compatible or not waste time exchanging numbers.... Now, if you want my cell phone number for "something more intimate, direct or comfortable and the interest is something else, such as: * I send you photos without clothes * Erotic videos * Make sexy cam type video calls * Spicy seductive messages * Or meet for a pleasure visit to my country... Please spare me the fatigue of having to block you or even report you, because while it is true, I am not a saint nor do I act like a prude, but, if I have to do all these things that I have listed I would do it but, with MY PARTNER, not with any depraved person. Please, those who do not have access to send messages that can be read, or whose membership has expired, if you are interested in meeting me (I write this with great respect) try to make a new payment and get to know me, do not torment me with messages flashing numbers and numbers thinking I'll write them down, because I won't, I just delete them. Gentlemen, I understand that some will not agree with this and will think thousands of things, if this is not your thing, go through the profile and explore the site, there will surely be many women for different tastes and needs..!!! What you are and how you are does not interest me, the only thing we should all ask and demand is respect above all.!! If you pass the profile...GOOD LUCK AND SUCCESS IN YOUR SEARCH.. And if you found it interesting, WELCOME..!!