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36 - 70 of 100
53 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 63
Religion: Christian - Protestant
I come from Chongqing, China. It is a beautiful and magical city, surrounded by two rivers! Due to the unique geographical environment and military family, grow into a connotation, beautiful and confident Woman. I have a smart and beautiful adult daughter! I love her very much. My daughter got divorced when she was eight. We lived together and formed a very deep friendship. Now that my child is grown, she understands and supports me in finding a loving partner. I used to work in a senior Management position and now I have a good online and offline store. Because I can bring health, beauty and good figure to Many women, they feel happy about it! So I like it. I have a wide range of interests: Reading and writing is one of my Hobbies. I also like cooking, focusing on healthy eating, tea ceremony, gardening Sports, traveling, Gathering with friends... I am a positive person with a good attitude, so many people don't believe my age. Haha, I am 50 Years old, but many people think I am born after 80. A man with a good attitude always looks much younger than his age Note: My birthday is in March. I cannot correct any mistake when filling in the form. I am from Chongqing, China. This is a beautiful and amazing city surrounded by two rivers! Due to its unique geographical environment and military families, she grew up as a woman with rich content and beautiful self-confidence. I have a smart and beautiful adult daughter! I love her so much. My daughter was divorced when she was eight years old. We lived together and formed a very profound friendship. Now that my child is growing up, she understands and supports me in finding a loving partner. I used to work in a senior management position, and now I have a good online and offline store. Because I can bring healthy, beautiful and good shape to many women, they are happy with it! So I like it. I have a wide range of interests: Reading and writing is one of my favorites. I also like cooking, healthy eating, tea ceremony, gardening, sports, Traveling, meeting with friends... I am a positive person and have a good attitude, so many people don't believe my age. Haha, I'm 52 years old, but many people think I'm 80 years old. A good-minded person always looks much younger than his actual age. Note: My birthday is in March. I cannot correct any errors while filling out the form.
37 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 18 - 45
Religion: Christian - Protestant
It comes from people in their middle of life. Share some words – the family is the most important thing in my life and the spiritual belief that I am willing to sacrifice everything for it, the strong sense of empathy and responsibility contract spirit, the world is full of people, and the sense of self-correction thank you for your common sense of tolerance and compromise. Those who sincerely treat you, know your good, understand your suffering, and care for you without impregnable are more worthy of treasure. True success is family happiness. Be loyal and honest, love cleanliness, and only want to accompany each other for the rest of their lives. Parents are open-minded and generous, and care for the younger generation. Only when there is a wish will there be a connection. Modern technology makes the world distance-free, but only whether the hearts love each other. Character is not a problem to break in, but appearance cannot indicate that everything is most important to each other. Past experience has nothing to do. There is nothing right in the feelings, but only whether it is cherished. The 27-year-old was not married, and the people around us already had a home, and they often pressed for help, and the circle was too small. Too many scammers girls beware! No matter how many than 20 or other great men write, "I am in good condition and I am excellent." I'm just an ordinary person. But it's not unusual to think that I'm a national middle school or the first 20 years or a star, and it's also true on this platform. At the age of 12, he began to live in the first five-year secondary school of North teachers University, where he taught English in a local language, and he was a special student. 20 years old, full-time undergraduate graduate, has worked in the world's leading monopolistic enterprise to date, life-long system, articles published in core State publications and websites, and Mandarin at the national level. It is not the second generation of wealth. Life is one and wide-ranging in interest, simple sunlight is straightforward and honest, very clean, separate cleaning, drying, Place and sit, always go inside and outside the office and home, tables, cabinets, and all kinds of things in an orderly and clean manner. There are many chores to do, and I like to live a warm, quiet and pure life. More than 50 pots of plants have been treated, and the piano that has not played for a long time has been treated, which is self-demanding. Small flavors are light. Love love love love love love food. There are many lovely things or dolls in the family that have been processed. Shop for quality goods and fine dining at home or cinema 4D, or attend wedding receptions every year, and more. It's always so beautiful to not make up or wear high heels, it's absolutely the original picture, and it's close to this year. Annual holidays are too few but travel. As a man and husband, we must have a good face value, a physical image, economic strength, talent, quality and cultivation. Love people as they are, protect themselves with care, correct themselves, don't focus on self, be compassionate, Be honest, be honest, be honest, be honest and diligent, Love, cleanliness, fashionable appearance, open-minded but not open-minded, inner self-esteem, and all things in the world, The above, in conjunction with the generous approach of benevolence, is the "too many people rate me very much like a authentic German" who appreciates European qualities and who are conservative in German families. A lot of letters saying I've been to many national cities... and that's it! Since childhood, more than half of these cities have been to China many times, as well as many developed countries. Clothing, Food, accommodation, travel, use, Sauna, massage, film, opera, music art, etc. The overall economic growth environment level in the fields of cultivation quality, knowledge, and cultural quality is far from or far from that of my weak woman! It's a lot of things, and the fast pace in the country doesn't take the effort to chat. Find your partner sincerely, and ask for your open communication and video certification as well. Some male members' marriages, children, conditions, age, etc. are false data, and the facts are written differently and are unmarried. The fact is that there are no children, and the quality and comprehensive conditions do not match. Do not accept men who do not meet the above criteria, have children, children and ex-wives, smoke and drink alcohol, have a clear picture of their recent past, and have a big gap between the photos and the real people, Please weigh it! The true essence of love, and finally the family! February 2019 has just returned from Spain and Portugal! July 28, 2019 departs to four Nordic countries and Tallinn countries and three fjords. I'm afraid of cats, and I especially like Koala. Every day, they spend a lot of energy and time cleaning up, and don't care for pets in their homes.
29 Nakuru, Rift Valley, Kenya
Seeking: Male 29 - 40
Religion: Christian - Protestant
49 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 43 - 58
Religion: Christian - Protestant
Hello, my name is Chris, from Beijing, the beautiful capital of China. I have worked in a state-owned enterprise for more than 20 years, and I have retired early, and I have worked part-time in direct sales, and I have opened restaurants. These industries have made my life experience even richer. They are more appreciative of their value and gratitude. Currently serving as a sales teacher at a service organization in Beijing. I am a sincere, kind, gentle, diligent, frank, respectful, and thankful person. He is also a positive and upbeat person, a laughing me, a happy character in life, and a soft heart. Many colleagues always say that I laugh very charming, cute, [enjoyable], except for work, I like to visit all over the world during my leisure time, Japan, Korea, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and other countries have left my footprints. I love singing, cooking, and health care during my weekend break, and it's my special specialty to be able to collect and tidy up, and to study diligently is my best quality! I always believe in true love in this world, I always believe that I deserve happiness, love and love, and I have always been looking for and pursuing a soul mate. Learned at a chance that western men respect women, have a lot of emotional life, and enjoy life. This is exactly what the other half I've been looking for, and that's what he thought of floating across the sea to find the heart, and perhaps my one was trying to find me too! I dreamed of meeting you as a healthy, healthy, funny, honest, caring, responsible, loving life. A man with positive energy and no hobbies. We hope that our outlook on life, values, esthetics will be similar, and that we can share each other's joy, anger, Wailing, having fun, with your company, we can enrich our lives and travel the world together. The sincere hope meets with the same sincere you, and the rest of your life is ordinary and happy. Are you the man I dreamed of? Thank you for your communication.